Aditya Trivedi

Aditya Trivedi

Highly motivated Computer Science graduate seeking employment with a leader in technology, where I can apply my 5 years of experience in developing web, mobile, and standalone applications and leverage my broad skill set to further my career and bring success to your company.

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Android Application that notifies users in their free time to work on projects or assignment. ●

Implemented UI, Notification, saving data, memory management functionalities.

Created mainly using Builder and Composite pattern, in order to conserve memory and allow multiple developers to work on it sans complication issues.

Beta can be found

C Application – CPU Process Simulation

Application which emulates CPU and I/O process queues (First Come First Serve, Round Robin, Multi-Level Queue), and evaluates the efficiency of each queue

Able to output statistics such as average waiting times, ending times, CPU efficiency for the various queue structures

Built in C programming language with extensive use of pointers and arrays.

Anonymous Rape Survivor Text Application –Break Poverty Hackathon

Twilio based SMS Gateway and Messaging application for rape victims to talk to rape survivors in an anonymous manner in countries like Kenya.

Developed using PHP backend and AngularJS front end, along with a SMS gateway.